Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Lab


To understand and write the ALP using Microprocessor & Microcontroller kits. To gain the knowledge of interfacing & control the peripherals with the kits. The Students are able to do Assembly level programming with interfacing concepts and can control the peripherals.

List of Major Equipments & Software

8086 Trainer kit (LCD)

8051 Trainer (LCD)

8255 Interfacing Card

8279 Interfacing Card

8259 Interfacing card

8251 Interfacing Card

ADC Interfacing card and

DAC Interfacing Card

Stepper Motor and DC Motor Interfacing card

8-Digit Multiplexed Display Board and Traffic Light Controller

8085-Microprocessor Kits

CRO (30 MHZ)

MASAM / TASAM, Keil Simulator

Area in Sq.mts

255.39 Sq.m

Lab Incharge

Mr.T.S.Arulananth,Assistant Professor

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