A Star is Born.......

It is a fact that not all good works and good workers are properly evaluated and publicity acknowledged. But not in the case of the RMK Group of Engineering Colleges and feeder schools. When uttered casually the three lettered word “RMK” touches and tingles every nerve with excitement of anybody who has heard about the working of the institutions under the banner. The latest in the group is the RMK college of Engineering and Technology which establishes the eastern horizon of puduvoyal as seen from the golden Quadrilateral NH 5 – which moves north ease and branches off to the two capitals of the country one to Kolkata the old capital and the other the modern capital New Delhi. This college, started in 2008 – 09 got Anna University 2nd rank in the very first semester and 1st rank in the very second semester that year itself. The Management was so effective, the staff so committed and the students so forth coming to undergo the mastering of skills. Then there was never a dull moment and no looking backs...

The RMK College of Engineering affects unity acronymic RMKCET is an institution of unique qualities. The school finished boys and girls vye with one another to join this college as we convert the rock diamonds into polished and flashing with many facets of shining glory. The students are treated like royalty with more than 150 few and very safe buses bringing than to college and dropping than back in their homes in the evening very good food is prepared and served in very hygienic ambience, suited to the taste of the youth. Discipline comes next as character moulding is a very integral part of Education. The teachers student retain is an enviable 1:14 with mixture 40-45 students through the rules of the university allows upto 60 in each section. The huge multistoried blocks which have innumerable classrooms are well list and well ventilated. This makes the education atmosphere inviting and interesting thereby making in more intellectually appeared.. We have two Men’s hostels one for 1st years and the other for the seniors. The girl’s hostel has all the necessities a girl needs to educate herself in a safe atmosphere. The library has many thousands of books and journals in the library and the computer labs are to be seen to be believed.

The results which started with 94.88 in 2008-09 now stand at 97.75 as of now, as for as the 1st years are concerned.

Our College in usually posted as No1 among 570 odd colleges in the state and the overall graduate level in among the first 5 to 10.

The teachers and students and all the workers put their mind and body, heart and soul in the making of our college unique in all respects. As in a beehive every individual chooses a task and is at it. No are rests until the work in finished. The vision is self steady and clean, the missions are moulded and memoured suitable and the quality policy is strictly adhered to and we work incessantly to elevate the intellectual acumen and develop the overall personality, confidence and skills of students. That is how every eligible student goes out with degree certificate in one heard and one or more job call letters, on the other. The placement level is normally above 90%. This shall become better as we are aware. “......more things are wrought by prayer than this world dream of.”

We wish all the children all the best.